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Standard HF Welding Machine Equipment, Low Cost, Easy To Operate

Standard HF Welding Machine in many industries have been widely used in the electric vehicle power battery is also needed to use, and in the power battery production, an important process is the welding process. Here I explain the laser welding in the power battery industry on the application:

Power batteries need to weld the main parts are: shell, the core of the ear, explosion-proof membrane, battery pack. Power battery batteries can be divided into square, cylindrical, flexible battery, the battery is a series of multiple batteries and the composition of the power supply.

Standard HF Welding Machine welding technology, can be very good for several aspects of the power battery: safety valve structure seal welding, cover seal welding, lead the ear welding, ear stud welding, battery connection welding. These areas are the main use of power battery Standard HF Welding Machine where the use of Standard HF Welding Machine to weld these parts, the laser for their material has a good absorption, and laser welding heat affected area is small, solder joint welding Sewn beautiful, welding more solid, relatively more secure.Power cell welding more solder joints, welding strength requirements, and laser welding function to fully meet the requirements of power battery welding, welding quality is guaranteed. In the process of welding, the stability of single point of energy on the quality of welding a great impact. The process of welding the power battery is based on the power battery needs to weld the site, in accordance with the development of a good track to carry out the relative movement and the completion of the welding, after the relative movement of the torsion axis, along the welding data in turn to complete the welding.

In addition, the Standard HF Welding Machine with automatic fixture, can be automated production, power battery for enterprises to provide semi-automatic, fully automated solution to promote the development of automotive power battery.

Comparison of Resistance Welding and Laser Welding

The advantages of resistance welding: good working conditions, low cost equipment, easy operation, do not need special welding tooling.

Disadvantages: does not apply to dissimilar materials welding, electrode rods need to be replaced, may lead to welding parts damage, weld deformation, welding consistency is poor.

Advantages of laser welding: high energy density, fast welding speed, small heat affected zone, small deformation of the workpiece, automatic process

High degree of consistency.

Disadvantages: the workpiece surface cleanliness and smoothness requirements, high welding machine structure, supporting equipment, high prices, the need for specialized welding tooling.