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PTFE Welding Machine Work Space, Need To Be Clean, Not Too Much Dust

PTFE Welding Machine, which is often we say high frequency machine, PTFE Welding Machine, heat sealing machine. Yellow River ultrasonic small series about the work of high-frequency PTFE Welding Machine to pay attention to what the process of attention. The following are listed in the high frequency machine work process need special attention, do the following points, you can better improve the efficiency of high-frequency machine, improve product quality, ensure the stable operation of the machine, extend the machine Service life.

High-frequency PTFE Welding Machine use process need to pay attention to the following questions:

1, high-frequency PTFE Welding Machine must be equipped with a good grounding protection side, which is connected to the correct ground, is conducive to PTFE Welding Machine protection of personal safety.

2, relatively humid, dust and more space is not suitable for high-frequency PTFE Welding Machine to be placed in the appropriate work space, need to clean, not too much dust.

3, the PTFE Welding Machine at work, the electronic vacuum tube will produce high-energy heat, so the PTFE Welding Machine can not be placed in the machine will produce high heat, or other high temperature range of space, nor suitable for direct exposure to the sun, Environment on the PTFE Welding Machine is an important component, vacuum tube will have a great detriment to the heat factor, it is not recommended to place.

4, PTFE Welding Machine in each boot, the general need to wait 10-15 minutes, is conducive to PTFE Welding Machine electronic vacuum tube preheat, to protect the life of the vacuum tube, this is an important understanding of the machine.

5, the machine at both ends of the upper and lower electrodes, or between the upper and lower mold machine can not directly touch together, between the upper and lower mold must be insulated or work pieces, that is, when the work piece left the machine, Electrode, or the upper and lower molds are in direct contact.

6, when operating the PTFE Welding Machine, when the output high frequency, remember not to touch the machine directly on the electrode output (that is, PTFE Welding Machine on the mold), do not use universal watches, test meters, other low-frequency, low voltage instrument, Measuring the upper pole output, which will lead to accidents, is extremely incorrect operation of  PTFE Welding Machine.

7, in the use of the machine, the need to check the next extreme (lower mold) insulation material, if found to have damaged, burned, breakdown of the place, please immediately replace the insulation material to prevent direct contact with the upper and lower electrodes, Phenomenon, damage to machines and machine molds and damage to machined parts.

8, if the high-frequency PTFE Welding Machine often occur phenomenon of ignition, first check the smoothness of the workpiece, and then check the PTFE Welding Machine work surface is clean, and then the insulation material is not intact, and finally check other suspicious issues.

9, high-frequency PTFE Welding Machine processing of the workpiece, as far as possible without water, dust, pay attention to clean and dry, otherwise it will make the machine easily lead to ignition.

10, when the machine's machine to open the power, you will hear the fan rotation of the sound (4KW, 5KW sound smaller), this is the high-frequency vacuum tube in the fan under the heat generated, if the fan failure, need to immediately shut down Power, immediately arrange technical maintenance, or will lead to high-frequency tube damage.