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PTFE Welding Machine With The Welding Speed, The Aspect Ratio Of The Characteristics Of Large

With the welding speed, high precision, high efficiency, smooth weld appearance and other advantages of industrial welding processing in the emerging industry technology. Laser PTFE Welding Machine is widely used, but many people do not know what kind of laser PTFE Welding Machine can be welded material. The following is a small series for everyone to tell us:

Laser welding is a high-precision precision welding method using a high energy density laser beam as a heat source. Laser welding is one of the important aspects of laser material processing technology. Laser welding can be used to achieve continuous or pulsed laser beam, the principle of laser welding can be divided into heat conduction welding and laser deep welding. Power density of less than 104 ~ 105 W / cm2 for the heat conduction welding, this time the depth of welding, welding speed is slow; power density greater than 105 ~ 107 W / cm2, the metal surface under the heat of the concave into a "hole" to form a deep welding, Welding speed, depth ratio of large features.

What are the materials available for laser welding?

1, die steel

Laser PTFE Welding Machine can be applied to S136, SKD-11, NAK80, 8407, 718, 738, H13, P20, W302, 2344 and other models of mold steel welding, and welding effect is better.

2, carbon steel

Carbon steel using laser PTFE Welding Machine for welding, the effect is good, the quality of its welding depends on the quality of impurities. In order to obtain good welding quality, carbon content of more than 0.25% need to warm up. When different carbon content of steel welding with each other, the torch can be slightly biased to the side of the low-carbon material to ensure the quality of the joint. As the laser PTFE Welding Machine welding speed and cooling rate is very fast, so when welding carbon steel. With the increase in carbon content, welding cracks and notch sensitivity will increase. Medium and high-carbon steel and ordinary alloy steel can be a good laser welding, but the need for preheating and post-weld treatment to eliminate stress, to avoid cracks.

3, alloy steel

Low-alloy high-strength steel laser welding, as long as the choice of welding parameters appropriate, you can get the mechanical properties of the joint with the base metal.

4, stainless steel

In general, the welding of stainless steel is easier to obtain high quality joints than conventional welding. As the laser welding high welding speed and heat affected zone is very small, to reduce the stainless steel welding overheating and linear expansion coefficient of the adverse effects of weld no pores, inclusions and other defects. Compared with carbon steel, stainless steel has a low thermal conductivity, high energy absorption rate and melting efficiency easier to obtain deep melting narrow weld. With low-power laser welding soldering plate,PTFE Welding Machine you can get a good shape on the appearance, smooth and beautiful joints.

5, copper and copper alloy

Welding copper and copper alloy is easy to produce non-fusion and not penetration problems, it should be used energy concentration, high power heat and with preheating measures; in the workpiece thickness is thinner or structural stiffness is small, no deformation prevention measures, welding It is easy to produce large deformation, and when the welded joints are subject to greater rigid constraints,PTFE Welding Machine easy to produce welding stress; welding copper and copper alloy is also easy to produce hot cracks; porosity is copper and copper alloy welding common defects.

6, aluminum and aluminum alloy

Aluminum and aluminum alloy is a highly reflective material, aluminum and its alloy welding, with the temperature rise, the solubility of hydrogen in the aluminum increased dramatically,PTFE Welding Machine dissolved hydrogen as a defect source of weld, weld more than the existence of pores , And deep welding may occur when the root hole, weld forming poor.

7, plastic

Almost all of the thermoplastic and thermoplastic elastomers can use laser welding technology. Commonly used welding materials are PP, PS, PC, ABS, polyamide, PMMA, POM, PET and PBT. While other engineering plastics such as polyphenylene sulfide PPS and liquid crystal polymers, due to the low laser transmittance can not be directly used laser welding technology, generally in the underlying material by adding carbon black,PTFE Welding Machine so that the material can absorb enough energy , So as to meet the requirements of laser transmission welding.

Laser welding can be used to weld much more than this, laser welding can be carried out among a variety of dissimilar metals, studies have shown that applied to copper-nickel, nickel-titanium, copper-titanium, titanium-molybdenum, brass-copper, Carbon steel - copper and other heterogeneous metals under certain conditions can be laser welding.