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PTFE Welding Machine Improve The Product's Excellent Rate

Analysis on the Reason of Price Difference in PTFE Welding Machine Controller

When you are in the purchase machine and other welding controller equipment, you will find the current chaos of the welding industry has a lot of companies, and these large and small companies will report a different price, so we will start when the purchase Wondering, do not know how to start, but do not know that the letter that the company, but no matter that company, we should know the value of this truth, the following explain the reasons for the price difference.

Price difference certainly some, the first is the technology, because the machine manufacturers are more, the level of technology is also uneven. So there are technical advantages of the brand sold the price of the machine on your expensive, and some of the core technology of the brand machine can only rely on the price to the market. This is actually not difficult to understand, a price of goods, this and the buyer, including the same car.

And then the machine's own manufacturing costs, good machine in order to ensure the stability of the quality of the machine, the choice of components is certainly the best,PTFE Welding Machine or the machine with some of the general components of the stability of the machine is certainly no good, Brand reputation is also influential. So why a good brand of machines why the stability of high, and some cheap machines on the stability of the poor, because no technical competition, can only compete for the price, so the choice of components is certainly cheap.

This is to these two points, there are other factors, not the focus will not say.

Choose the PTFE Welding Machine controller two main factors:

One is the optical characteristics: Spotlight (welding rod diameter, fiber diameter and type, exit head parameters), focal plane height. Depth of field. Light plate position, spot angle of incidence;

The other is the control feature: feedback control mode and power waveform selection. For different materials, the use of different welding power waveform, you can make the welding effect better fine, or the use of traditional methods of welding materials can not change the welding power waveform and get better welding results.

In addition, the choice of machine, the impact of batch processing yield is essential; therefore, the user conditions permitting the premise, as far as possible the use of welding power real-time negative feedback PTFE Welding Machine controller to improve product quality.

Whether it is fiber or semiconductor or jewelry machine, the business of the equipment can be used to normal use, and the configuration are the same as many, but the brand is different. Because of the difference in equipment prices caused by the difference between the most important welders in the welding controller,PTFE Welding Machine the welder is a glass fiber using a rare element as a gain medium and forms a high power density particle in a particular application of radio and television Convert the working medium, and finally through the other working medium to form the so-called welding light source. The use of this light source is very light, in the metal and non-metallic marking, welding, cutting and other aspects of the application, as well as industrial manufacturers have a great advantage.