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PTFE Welding Machine Energy Savings And The Use Of Cost Also Have Good Enough Results

A good PTFE Welding Machine accessory can bring a lot of advantages to the PTFE Welding Machine controller device. First, the cost of manufacturing and technical support are miniaturized and low cost; good fiber quality for the intake of light does not require crystal technology So that the strict position of the match, you can even automatically absorb the photoelectric; fiber applications also reduce the overall power consumption, so lower heat and loss and low energy and heat will not damage anything; The output energy can be divided into more energy, and can increase the coordination of the line, the coordination of multi-beam focus on the work; for the environmental requirements are more affordable, for dust and temperature tolerance can be competent for a variety of environments; The rate for energy conservation and the use of cost also have good enough effect.

Compared with other traditional PTFE Welding Machine technology, has the following advantages:

1, is a non-contact PTFE Welding Machine, the operation process without pressure, PTFE Welding Machine speed, high efficiency, depth, residual stress and deformation is small, at room temperature or special conditions (such as closed space) PTFE Welding Machine, PTFE Welding Machine controller The device is simple and does not produce X-rays.

2, can be welded, such as refractory metal melting materials, and even can be used for ceramic, plexiglass and other non-metallic materials, PTFE Welding Machine, PTFE Welding Machine of special-shaped materials, the effect is good, and has great flexibility, Of the part of the implementation of non-contact long-distance PTFE Welding Machine.

3, the PTFE Welding Machine beam can be obtained by focusing a small spot, due to the magnetic field and can be precise positioning, therefore, can be micro-PTFE Welding Machine, for large quantities of automated production of micro and small parts of the group PTFE Welding Machine.

4, PTFE Welding Machine beam easy to achieve the beam in time and space spectral, you can switch the device will send a number of PTFE Welding Machine beam delivery station, therefore, can be multi-beam processing and multi-station processing, for more sophisticated PTFE Welding Machine provides the conditions.

5, due to contactless processing, no tool loss and tool exchange and other issues, at the same time, it does not need to use the electrode, so there is no electrode pollution or damage concerns, and easy to automate high-speed PTFE Welding Machine. It can also be digitally or computer controlled.

6. Technical requirements As long as the basic knowledge of the computer, ordinary employees can, unlike the traditional PTFE Welding Machine machine controller to operate high experience, good technology master. Thus once again for the enterprise to save a relatively part of the funds.

1) Scale planning optimization principle When the design requirements to meet a certain work space requirements, through the scale optimization to select the smallest arm size, which will help improve the PTFE Welding Machine machine stiffness, so that further reduce the motion inertia.

2) the principle of the minimum kinematic inertia As the operating machine moving parts and more, often change the state of motion, will inevitably produce shock and vibration, the use of the principle of minimum motion inertia, can increase the smooth operation of the machine to improve the dynamic characteristics of the machine. To this end, in the design should pay attention to meet the strength and stiffness under the premise of minimizing the quality of moving parts, and pay attention to the movement of the shaft on the center of the core configuration.

3) the principle of selection of high-strength materials As the operating machine from the wrist, arm, arm to the base is in turn as a load, the use of high-strength materials to reduce the quality of parts is very necessary.

4) the principle of stiffness design In the design of the machine, the stiffness is more important than the strength of the problem, to maximize the rigidity, must be properly selected bar section shape and size, improve the support stiffness and contact stiffness, reasonable arrangements for the role of the arm On the force and torque, to minimize the bending deformation of the bar.

5) Process principle Robot manipulator is a high precision, highly integrated automatic mechanical system, good processing and assembly process is designed to reflect one of the important principles. Only a reasonable structural design without good craftsmanship, will inevitably lead to lower operating performance and cost increase.

6) the principle of reliability Robot operation machine due to complex institutions, links more, reliability issues is particularly important. In general, the reliability of components should be higher than the reliability of components, and components of the reliability should be higher than the reliability of the machine. It is possible to design the parts or structures with reliability to meet the requirements by the probability design method, and to evaluate the reliability of the operation machine system through the system reliability comprehensive method.