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When an object emits a sound when vibration. Scientists refer to the number of vibrations per second as the frequency of the sound, it is measured in Hertz. Human ears can hear the acoustic frequency of 20~20,000 Hz. When sound waves frequencies is greater than 20000 Hz or with less than 20 cycles per second, we hear. We therefore above 20000 kHz frequency sound waves are called "supersonic". Commonly used in medical diagnostic ultrasonic frequency is 1~5 MHz. Ultrasound has good direction, strong penetrability, easier to get more focused sound, transmission distances in the water and so on. Can be used for ranging, speed measurement, cleaning, welding, gravel and so on. In medicine, the military, industrial, Agricultural Shang has obviously of role. theory research showed that, in amplitude same of conditions Xia, a objects vibration of energy and vibration frequency into is proportional to the, ultrasonic in media in the spread Shi, media particle vibration of frequency is high, thus energy is big. in China North dry of winter, if put ultrasonic pass into pitcher in the, dramatic of vibration will makes tank in the of water broken into many small droplet, again with small fan put droplet blow House within, on can increased indoor air humidity. This is ultrasonic humidifier of principle. for throat inflammatory. bronchitis, disease, drug hard blood flow to playing sick of parts. using humidifier of principle, put liquid atomization, let patients inhalation, can effect . Ultrasonic huge stones of energy can also make the body do violent forced vibration broken.