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Ultrasonic refers to frequencies greater than 20KHz, the number of vibrations per second (frequency) is very high, exceeding the upper limit of human hearing (20000Hz), will be the inaudible sound waves called ultrasound. Ultrasound and can smell sound essentially is consistent of, they of have in common are is a mechanical vibration, usually to p of way in elastic media within will spread, is a energy of spread form, its different points is ultrasound frequency high, wave length, in must distance within along line spread has good of beam shot sex and directional, abdominal ultrasound into as by with of frequency range in 2 ∽ 5MHz Zhijian, common for 3 ∽ 3.5MHz (each seconds vibration 1 times for 1Hz,1MHz=10^6Hz, that each seconds vibration 1 million times, Audible frequencies between 16-20,000HZ).

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