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Frequency: f 20KHz; power: p = power (w)/launching area (cm2); p ≥ 0.3W/cm2; In liquid in the spread of ultrasonic can on objects surface of dirt real for cleaning, its principle available "empty of" phenomenon to explained: ultrasonic vibration in liquid in the spread of Sonic pressure reached a atmospheric pressure Shi, its power density for 0.35W/cm2, then ultrasonic of Sonic pressure peak on can reached vacuum or negative pressure, but actually no negative pressure exists, so in liquid in the produced a is big of pressure, will liquid molecular pulled crack into empty a empty of nuclear. This hole very close to the vacuum, which rupture of ultrasonic pressure in reverse when the maximum is reached, due to the strong impact caused by break hit the dirt on the surface of the object. This from numerous tiny air bubbles caused shock waves break is called "CAVITATION".

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