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Customized Welding Equipments Regular Inspection, Replacement

Used to provide the energy required for welding. Commonly used in a variety of arc welding power, also known as welding machine. Its no-load voltage of 60 to 100 volts, the operating voltage of 25 to 45 volts, the output current of 50 to 1000 amps.

Manual arc welding, the arc length often changes caused by welding voltage changes. In order to stabilize the welding current, the external characteristics of the arc welding power used should be steep, that is, with the output voltage changes, the output current changes should be small.

Melting gas protection arc welding and submerged arc welding can be used flat power supply, its output voltage changes in the current change is very small.

Arc welding power generally arc welding transformer, DC arc welding generator and arc welding rectifier. Arc welding transformer is provided with alternating current, widely used. DC arc welding generators provide direct current, manufacturing more complex, more consumable materials and low efficiency, there is gradually replaced by arc welding rectifier trend.

Arc welding rectifier is the 1950s developed DC welding power supply, the use of silicon diodes or SCR as rectifier. 60 years with high-power transistor composed of transistor-type arc welding power supply, can get a higher control accuracy and excellent performance, but the cost is higher.

Resistance welding welding equipment is relatively simple resistance welding transformer, no-load voltage range of 1 to 36 volts, current from thousands to tens of thousands of amps. Equipped with this welding equipment welding machine called AC resistance welding machine. There are other low-frequency resistance welding machine, DC pulse resistance welding machine, capacitor energy storage resistance welding machine and secondary rectifier resistance welding machine

Its role is to convert the energy output from welding energy equipment into welding heat, and continue to feed into the welding material, while the nose itself to move forward, to achieve welding. Manual arc welding with the welding clamp, with the welding of the welding rod, must continue to manually down into the welding electrode, and move forward to form a weld. Automatic welding machine is automatically sent to the wire mechanism, and the head movement mechanism to move the nose forward. Commonly used car and hanging head two. Resistance welding and projection welding of the welding head is the electrode and its pressurization mechanism, to apply pressure and power to the workpiece. Sewing another drive mechanism to drive the workpiece to move. The need for static, moving fixture and fixture clamping mechanism, as well as mobile fixture welding equipment and upsetting mechanism.

The equipment needed to implement the welding process - welding equipment, including welding machines, welding process equipment and welding aids. Each of the enterprises engaged in welding work or individuals want to give full play to the performance of equipment to extend the life of the machine. To achieve this goal, in addition to the correct use of operating procedures welding equipment, but also regularly do maintenance and repair work. The following are the welding torch, wire feeder and welding machine maintenance points one by one to explain.

1. Check and replace the contact tip regularly

Due to wear the diameter of the conductive nozzle becomes larger, it will cause the arc instability, weld appearance deterioration or sticky silk (back burning); conductive tip end of the splash, wire will become not smooth; Threaded joints will heat and die.

2. Regularly clean and replace the spring hose

Spring hose for a long time after use, will accumulate a lot of iron powder, dust, wire scraping, etc., this will make the wire instability. So regular cleaning is very important, you can curl and gently tap, so that the accumulation of objects shake off, and then blow out with compressed air. The grease on the hose should be washed with oil in the oil and then blown with compressed air. Spring hose If the wrong wire or serious deformation of bending, it is necessary to replace the new hose. Change the diameter and length of the wire to be used for the wire to be used, and do not show burrs on the cut surface.

3. Insulation of insulation rings

If the insulation collar is removed, the splash will adhere to the nozzle and the nozzle will be electrically connected to the live part. The torch may be burned by a short circuit. At the same time in order to make the protective gas evenly out, be sure to install insulation rings.