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Customized Welding Equipments Parts Are Regularly Fastened

1. The impact of Customized Welding Equipments on the contact of the resistance butt welder

There are many types of Customized Welding Equipments, and resistance butt welding machine is only one type. In the welding process, the resistance of the contact surface is dependent on its surface state, temperature and pressure, the temperature or pressure increases, will be due to the actual contact area increases the contact resistance decreases.

1, welding equipment on the circuit breaker contact point, the electrode is best for regular grinding, and parts will be fixed regularly. The use of cooling water should not exceed 40 ℃, the amount of displacement should be adjusted according to temperature.

2, in the Customized Welding Equipments is best installed in the room, and a reliable grounding, welding wire length should not be greater than 30m, when the need to extend the wire, the corresponding increase in the cross-section of the wire. Welding site can not be stacked in the oil, wood, oxygen bottles and other flammable and explosive items.

3, the flashing area of the welding equipment should be set flame retardant baffle, and in the welding process outside the people are not allowed to enter, in the winter welding, the indoor temperature environment is very important.

4, Customized Welding Equipments in the welding should be checked and confirmed before the pressure of the welding machine flexibility, fixture firm, air pressure, hydraulic system without leakage, if there is no problem, it should be adjusted.

2. Influencing factors of Customized Welding Equipments in welding operation

Customized Welding Equipments in the course of the operation will also be affected by different factors, affecting the quality of its work.

1, the impact of environmental gases: the environment due to the existence of the gas on the static characteristics of the arc is a great impact, and will be through the arc of the electric field strength of the impact of its performance.

2, the impact of the arc length: If the arc length changes, then it is mainly in the arc column length, the other cathode and anode area length is not a very significant change. If the pressure drop of the arc column increases, the position of the arc static characteristic becomes high. If the current does not change, the arc length increases, then the arc voltage also increases.

3, the impact of gas medium pressure: When the other parameters are not changed, then the gas medium pressure changes will cause changes in arc voltage, which is caused by the arc static characteristics of the change.