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Blister Packaging Machine Machine Debugging Good Condition Work

The operation method and precautions ofBlister Packaging Machine

First, the machine function:

1. Double-sided plastic hot-melt trimming: pressure J hook, or lace, zipper edge, to replace the high frequency machine without radiation and radio interference, especially for electronic products.

2. Double-sided paper card plastic three-dimensional products: upper and lower mold were installed up and down the machine, from the opening and closing of the mold, save time and improve work efficiency, the upper and lower mold can also use different lines, with the demand.

3. Blister Hot Plating Card Packaging: Separate machine (bakelite) or mold heat (bakelite) dual function.

Second, the ultrasonic welding example:

Commodity industry:

Powder box, make-up mirror, hair comb, lock ring, insulation Cup, sealed containers, seasoning bottles, water pipes joints, mention, caps, food containers.

Toy industry:

All kinds of ball toys, stationery, water guns, plastic gifts, music toys, and all kinds of plastic toys, and so on.

Electrical industry:

Electronic clock, steam iron, vacuum cleaner, telephone, computer keyboard, electric fans, batteries and so on.

Automotive Manufacturing:

Direction lights, according to the mirror, all kinds of plastic products, and so on.

Third, the operation process

1) The operator will be plastic parts, packaging, cardboard order in turn into the bakelite mold, counterclockwise rotation of the mold table, the machine is a good debugging by the situation, automatically complete the packaging and sealing work.

2) after the end of the work can be closed and the gas can be.

Debugging procedures and methods

1, press the chassis switch button, switch lock automatically open after opening the door, the compressed air pipe from the bottom of the chassis below the small hole into, and then inserted into the chassis door behind the air pressure control valve inlet, with pipe clamp Solid good.

2, off the chassis door, open the gas source gas source switch input compressed air, the machine automatically press the plate. The air pressure is adjusted to the appropriate pressure according to the size of the contents, the thickness of the plastic sheet and the actual packaging. The greater the pressure, Blister Packaging Machine the faster the pressure plate pressure, the greater the pressure, the general tune to the bomb to make an atmospheric pressure more appropriate.

3, the machine wire plug into the 220V AC power outlet, open the machine circuit system, connected to the whole circuit.

4, the bakelite mold placed in the mold, the bakelite on the wire and the machine mold in the middle of the bakelite junctions connected.

5, open the cooling switch, turn on the cooling time circuit, adjust the cooling time to develop the button, select the pressure plate pressure time.

6, counterclockwise to promote the mold table rotation, observe the pressure plate automatically press the situation is normal. If there is no Sunda often, you can put the plastic parts and the line card stored in the bakelite mold on the trial began.

7, open the heating switch, turn on the heating time system circuit, adjust the heating time to develop time torsion, according to the actual packaging situation, select the appropriate bakelite mold heating plate heating.

8, heating current conversion system is used to adjust the bakelite mold, Blister Packaging Machine so as to adjust the size of the current, the user can according to the actual packaging, select the appropriate heating current stalls.

9, the user can test according to the situation, according to the above functions of the components, were adjusted until satisfied.

◆ Blister packaging machine precautions

1, requires the paper card surface must be blister oil (in order to be able to heat paste with the PVC bubble together).

2, blister can only use PVC or PETG sheet.

3, because the blister is just sticking to the paper card surface, so the packaging of the product is not too heavy.

4, the operator only need to select the heat and cooling time and power output, hand rotation table, Blister Packaging Machine trigger micro switch, machine pulse heating system and cooling system will automatically operate.

Warm Tip: If the blister is PVC material, paper card through the ordinary plastic oil or environmental protection oil can be, if the blister is environmentally friendly materials,Blister Packaging Machine  such as: PET material, must be the corresponding environmental oil, remember not Had ordinary PVC blister oil, otherwise the two will be posted not strong.