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Blister Packaging Machine Always Keep The Sealing Surface Clean And Remove Dirt In Time

On the operation of blister packaging machine methods and steps:

1, electric wood film power, the surface covered with a layer of thick cardboard, to avoid damage to the electric wood.

2, because the plastic packaging machine is under pressure working mode, the body with a high induction of electricity is a normal phenomenon.

3, the power switch is turned on, the box has a whole heating and cooling process of the time the controller can be adjusted when the square die in place after the start of the length of time.

4, sealing, the sealing surface wrinkling or damage, it is because the closure of the wind is too high, should be appropriate to reduce the stall or heating time.

5, such as sealing is not strong, easy to peel, it is because Feng Shuo temperature is too low, should be appropriate to improve the stall or heating time.

6, the operation should always keep the sealing surface cleaning, timely removal of dirt. Before use every day, first open the door, to the middle of the oil cup to refuel, to ensure the normal use of plastic packaging machine.

Blister packaging machine principle:

This is mainly the use of vacuum pump vacuum suction heat will be softened after the PVC, PET, PETG, APTT, PP, PE, PS and other thermoplastic plastic sheet through the mold plastic into a variety of shapes of the vacuum cover, plastic Pallets, etc.

Blister Packaging Machine Type:

Currently on the market common products are: daily necessities plastic packaging, hardware blister packaging, automotive supplies blister packaging, electronic products, plastic packaging, food blister packaging, cosmetic plastic packaging, computer peripheral equipment blister packaging, toys, plastic Packaging, sports supplies plastic packaging, stationery and other plastic packaging.

Blister packaging machine structure:

Blister packaging machine The main structure is by the feed, pull material, up and down electric heating furnace, under the gate, multi-function adjustable size, under the mold plate, on the mold, on the gate, knife, sliced, put film and with vacuum Equipment and other components; to pneumatic device as the main power source, the pull film, send the film using electric, reducer, time relay, intermediate relays, travel switches and other electrical appliances composed of automatic control system.

Blister Packaging Shrink Film Packaging Machine Product Details:

Inverter speed control, two bottles device. Push the bottle, heat sealing the whole action using pneumatic mechanism. Induction switch control film length.

Touch screen, PLC control system greatly increases the reliability of equipment operation. Double air circulation fan, to ensure that the temperature difference between the shrink furnace. Large air volume cooling system to ensure rapid shape.

High temperature glass fiber Teflon conveyor belt, smooth transmission, high strength wear resistance. Variable frequency stepless speed belt conveyor belt. Conveyor belt height can be produced according to user requirements, adjust the range of ± 50mm

Bottle filling machine to meet the user requirements into the bottle direction, can extend or shorten the wings of stainless steel iron heating system, durable. length. To meet the needs of the product short pause shelves device to ensure continuous production line.