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Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic sound waves to shorter wavelengths than, with a better direction, and see through opaque materials, this feature has been widely used in ultrasonic flaw detection, thickness, distance, remote control and ultrasonic imaging. Ultrasound Imaging is the use of ultrasonic internal images of opaque technology. Put from for can device issued of ultrasonic by sound lens focused in not transparent sample Shang, from sample revealing of ultrasonic carry has was as parts of information (as on Sonic of reflection, and absorption and scattering of capacity), by sound lens brings together in pressure electric received device Shang, proceeds signals entered zoom device, using scan system can put not transparent sample of image displayed in screen Shang. The device, known as acoustic microscope. Ultrasound imaging technology have universal application in medical examinations, in the manufacturing of microelectronic devices used to check LSI, used in materials science to show different components in alloys and grain boundaries, and so on. Acoustic holography is the use of ultrasonic Interferometer record and reproduce stereo sound imaging of opaque, the principle of optical holography is basically the same, but a different record (see holography). With the same source of ultrasonic signal of two transducers placed in liquid, which fired two coherent beams of ultrasound: a beam through the object being studied, one as a reference. Waves and refer to dry stack formation reciprocal surface acoustic wave in holograms, laser beam sound holograms, on acoustic holograms using laser diffraction effect of reflection and reconstruction of the acquisition, usually for real-time observation camera and the TV.