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Ultrasound has the following characteristics:

1) ultrasonic can be gas, liquid, solid, solid-melt in media such as effective communication.

2) ultrasound can pass strong energy.

3) ultrasonic reflection, interference, superposition and resonance phenomena.

4) when the ultrasonic wave propagation in fluid media can have a strong impact on the interface and the cavitation phenomenon.

A member of ultrasonic sound waves in the family.

Sound waves are mechanical vibrations of objects (or energy) form of communication. Vibration refers to the substance of the so-called movement of particle in its equilibrium position. For example, after knocking, the drum, it will bounce, the vibration transmitted through the medium of air in all directions, it is Sonic.

Ultrasonic refers to frequencies greater than 20KHz, who could hear and feel the sound waves in their natural habitat.