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Hydraulic Sliding Table RF Reusable Hand Warmers Welding Machine

It is suitable for plastic like APET, PETG, GAG welding. Wide used for making handbag, small spraying toys, leather products, carpet, plastic inflatable products clothes and shoes embossing tool, trademark, box, air tool, carpet, package bag, heat water bag, medical treatment articles, stationary, photo album, physical good, PVC folding box, glass box, tent, etc. Garment logo welding and shoe upper and so on.

Features and Functions:
1):Anti-spark protection
When spark occurs, the high sensitiveness spark protects electric system, cutting high frequency power immediately to protect mold and material.
2): prevention device
Equipped with frequency stabilizer and high frequency magnetic leakage suppressor, this device provide leakage of electron magnetic radiation to avoid jamming other electrical instruments such as television and radios etc
3):Safety device
When the current exceeds its limit, the overload relay functions automatically to protect oscillation tubesand rectifier. Frequency deviation caused by disoperation is also prevented.
4):High power welder
Using a special designed mechanism, the maximum pressure of foot pedal can reach up to 400KGS so as to meet most operating conditions. The high quality components make these machines work very smoothly and precisely.
5):Special protection circuit
The selectable output power ensured a stable quality of the products for it could reduce the heating time when joining is being carried out.
6):Easily adjustable tuner
Output power can be adjusted at the tuner according to electrode size and material thickness. In addition,other controldevices and special electrical circuits have cut down required welding time considerably to raise themachine productivity.
7):Adjustment for the distance on the machine head
Adjust the distance on the machine head if practical as the mold's size and height are different. Save working load while processing accuracy can reach to 98%.