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Basic research

Ultrasonic effect on media, acoustic relaxation process in the medium, sound relaxation process with energies in molecular transport processes of the respective degrees, and the absorption of sound waves on the macro (see sound). Material of ultrasonic absorption in exploring the material characteristics and structure, this branch of study of molecular acoustics the acoustics. Ordinary sound waves of wavelengths much larger than the distance between atoms in solids, solids can be used as a continuous media under this condition. But on frequencies above 1012 Hz ultrasonic wavelength spacing of atoms in solids is comparable at this time must be deemed to be solid with spatial periodicity of lattice structure. Lattice vibrational energy is quantized, called phonons (see Physics). Ultrasonic effects on solids can be attributed to ultrasound and thermal phonons, electron, photon and particle interactions. Ultrasonic in solid production, testing and dissemination of research, as well as the study of acoustic phenomena in liquid helium quantum liquids constitutes a new field of modern acoustics

Sonic is one of the categories of sound, belonging to the mechanical wave, refers to sound waves the human ear can feel a wave, the frequency range is 16Hz-20KHz. When the frequency of a sound wave is less than 16Hz is called infrasound, above 20KHz are called ultrasonic sound waves.