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Application of ultrasonic welding method

Welding method

Ultrasonic welding of ultra-high frequency vibrations under moderate pressure, head, made of two plastic joints friction heat generated instantly melt bonding, welding strength is comparable to the body, using appropriate artifacts, and proper design of interfaces, can achieve watertight and airtight and inconvenience caused from the use of supplements to achieve efficient, clean weld.

Welding method

Ultrasonic welding of ultra-high frequency vibrations, pressure plastic product prominent trees, make instant heat melt the rivets, riveting machinery of different materials together.


By welding pressure of the head of mission and, where appropriate, momentary metal parts (such as nuts, screws, etc) into reserved inside the plastic holes, fixed at a certain depth, after tension, torsion is comparable to the strength of the traditional mold and molding allows injection mold damage and slow shot disadvantage.